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  • Work Is A Verb

    No longer merely an HR perk, agilework strategies have become a successful, even necessary, corporate strategy. Thanks to advances in technology, work no longer needs to be tethered to time or place. The shift from work as a noun, to work as a verb, has been called mobile work, agilework, telework, telecommuting, e-work, and workshifting. By any name, this new way of working has been adopted by thousands of companies and millions of employees in a wide range of industries around the globe. …

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  • Both Employers and Employees Benefit

    Half-time home-based work could save employers over $10,000 per employee per year - the result of increased productivity, reduced facility costs, lowered absenteeism, and reduced turnover. And employees could save $1,600-$6,800 and 15 days of time they used to waste commuting. In fact, 47% of people who have flexwork options are "very satisfied" with their jobs, compared to 27% of those who are office-bound. And over two-thirds of employers report increased productivity among their teleworkers. …

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  • Make The Road Less Traveled The Way To Work

    The cost per lane-mile of urban highway is almost $4,000,000. The cost per mile of information superhighway is $20,000. Positive community and global effects are possible from even modest levels of telework. Half-time home-based work could:

    • Save $23 billion a year in imported oil;
    • Cut Persian Gulf imports by 37%;
    • Reduce greenhouse gases by the equivalent of taking almost 10 million cars off the road;
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Global Workplace Analytics conducts independent research and consults on emerging workplace issues and opportunities. We specialize in making the management case for workplace flexibility, mobile work, and alternative workplace strategies.

Based on our work with public and private sector employers and an examination of over 4000 documents, case studies, and research papers, we’ve built models to quantify the economic, societal, and environmental benefits of alternative workplace strategies for the US, UK, and Canada. Hundreds of organization and community leaders have used our custom models to make their own case for workplace change. 

“Global Workplace Analytics has perhaps the most comprehensive set of data around…”—Forbes

Death by Work: How Wall Street's Life-Ruining Work Habits Hurt All Of Us

You might feel no sympathy for young bankers and the punishing hours they work. But you might want to pay attention, because their bad work habits could be contagious.

When bankers leave Wall Street mid-career for new gigs in consulting, media or ...

Kate Lister's insight:

You would think, of all people, financial executives would look to the science behind long work hours. Obviously, they don't. And that impacts all of us.

Coming to a Couch Near You: A New Wave of Telecommuting

If you get a job at Automattic, you don't have to worry about moving. Hell, you don't even have to get out of bed.

Kate Lister's insight:

A well-balanced article on the telecommuting vs. facetime issue. Of course, it's rarely a matter of either/or. What works best is a mix of both.. 

In France employees can now legally ignore calls and e-mails from boss

Employers are now not allowed to contact staff during the 133 hours of the week. The new laws help argument that France is laziest European country.

Kate Lister's insight:

That's it. I'm moving to France. A 35-hour workweek, six weeks/year of paid leave, and now a law banning after hours emails or phone calls. 

International Well Building Institute and Green Building Certification Institute Announce New Collaboration

IWBI Announces GBCI as Third-Party Certifier for the WELL Building Standard

Kate Lister's insight:

This is going to be big!  Based on six years of research and development with researchers and physicians from leading medical institutions and expert practitioners from the building industry, the WELL Building Standard sets performance requirements in seven categories: air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort, and mind.

Global Workplace Analytics is developing a white paper on the ROI of Well Buildings, with Delos as a sponsor.

Challenge: Design an infinitely flexible office—see the winning design here.

Design Description: Bringing you an office experience unlike any other - marrying the concepts of flexibility and modularity this office solution allows the user…

Kate Lister's insight:

Could this be the solution to the private office / open plan debate?