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  • Work Is A Verb

    No longer merely an HR perk, agilework strategies have become a successful, even necessary, corporate strategy. Thanks to advances in technology, work no longer needs to be tethered to time or place. The shift from work as a noun, to work as a verb, has been called mobile work, agilework, telework, telecommuting, e-work, and workshifting. By any name, this new way of working has been adopted by thousands of companies and millions of employees in a wide range of industries around the globe. …

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  • Both Employers and Employees Benefit

    Half-time home-based work could save employers over $10,000 per employee per year - the result of increased productivity, reduced facility costs, lowered absenteeism, and reduced turnover. And employees could save $1,600-$6,800 and 15 days of time they used to waste commuting. In fact, 47% of people who have flexwork options are "very satisfied" with their jobs, compared to 27% of those who are office-bound. And over two-thirds of employers report increased productivity among their teleworkers. …

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  • Make The Road Less Traveled The Way To Work

    The cost per lane-mile of urban highway is almost $4,000,000. The cost per mile of information superhighway is $20,000. Positive community and global effects are possible from even modest levels of telework. Half-time home-based work could:

    • Save $23 billion a year in imported oil;
    • Cut Persian Gulf imports by 37%;
    • Reduce greenhouse gases by the equivalent of taking almost 10 million cars off the road;
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Global Workplace Analytics conducts independent research and consults on emerging workplace issues and opportunities. We specialize in making the management case for workplace flexibility, mobile work, and alternative workplace strategies.

Based on our work with public and private sector employers and an examination of over 4000 documents, case studies, and research papers, we’ve built models to quantify the economic, societal, and environmental benefits of alternative workplace strategies for the US, UK, and Canada. Hundreds of organization and community leaders have used our custom models to make their own case for workplace change. 

“Global Workplace Analytics has perhaps the most comprehensive set of data around…”—Forbes

Upcoming Speeches/Webinars/Events:

The Dollars and Sense of Healthy Workplaces
IFMA World Workplace 2014, New Orleans LA
September 17-19, 2014

Personal ROI in Mobile Work—What’s In It For Me?
Agile Workplace Conference 2014 by, Arlington VA
September 23, 2014

Check out all the great sessions WE has planned for World Workplace New Orleans!

Click here to download the Full WE Schedule! 

Kate Lister's insight:
WE: Tuesday, September 16 

WE Master Class  - Tuesday, Sept 16 th  1:00 – 5:00 Room 290 ( registration required)

Join us for the 1st  WE Master Class .  This dynamic session will offer:

1.   Lessons learned based on  10 Workplace Case Studies from a wide range of industries

2.   WE Genius Bar:  Bring your workplace challenges and our experts will offer solutions

3.   A round-up of key insights shared at the  UK  Workplace Strategy Summit

Our  Case Studies  will offer a chance to hear from leading workplace strategists at:  GSA, Wells Fargo, Motorola Mobility, MPAC, Verizon, Kaiser Permanente, City of Calgary, Cisco …just to name a few! 

The  WE Genius Bar  will allow you to pick the brains of some of the world’s top workplace experts. If you are interested in participating as an expert, please let us know.     

And if you missed the excitement at the  2014 Workplace Strategy Summit  in the UK this June, you are in luck!  Presenters and attendees will share leading edge research and insights on workplace initiatives around the globe. Topics include: 

  • Managing the experience, not the space(s)—It’s not just about the office anymore
  • Measuring productivity in the new world of work
  • The big picture: How the consumerization of real estate will impact on urban areas and the built environment
  • The role of CRE and FM in the future of work 
WE: Wednesday, September 17:

WE: Connect  – Wednesday, Sept. 17 th  – 7:30 to 10:00 - Room 291

Learn how to fully leverage your WE membership in our new Community!   Access our research, learn about WEknow, join our monthly Webinars, and hear about Friends of WE.  During this session you will meet our WE leadership team and Evolutionaries from across the globe as we brainstorm “what’s possible”. Last but not least, we will have some of the leading workplace authors talk about their books….and an opportunity to have your copy signed!

WE: Thursday, September 18:

Workplace Track in the WE Room – Sept. 18 Room 294

  1. Workplace as Experience:  No longer a commodity, the definition of workplace now includes services, tools and technologies. 8 – 9AM
  2. Academic Trends Influencing Workplace:  Fierce competition for talent has led to innovations lifted from academia.  9:30 – 10:30AM
  3. Making Mobility Work: Learn how to move past impediments to successfully implement a mobility as a key element of a broader workplace strategy 2:30 – 3:30PM
  4. Emotional Intelligence:   Increase employee engagement. Learn why only 13% of employees are emotionally invested and focused on creating value for their firms. 4 – 5PM

WE EAT – Thursday, Sept 18 th  at 7:00 –  Bacchanal Restaurant

Are you ready to really experience New Orleans?  Come share a meal at  Bacchanal Restaurant  (600 Poland Avenue, in the Bywater), an authentic, fabulous restaurant and network with your peers.   RSVP Required: or

WE: Friday, September 19: 

Workplace Track in the WE Room – Sept. 19 th  Room 294

  1. Organizational Performance:  Move the discussion beyond productivity to show the value of workplace design strategies 8 – 9AM
  2. Dollars and Sense of the Healthy Workplace:  People costs trump facilities by a wide margin. Learn how reducing costs can come at the expense of the occupiers 9:15 – 10:15AM
  3. Are your Workplace Metrics in Order?:  Evolving workplace and technology have added flexibility, but also complexity. How to measure the effects? 2:30 – 3:30PM
  4. Bending Boundaries SAP’s User-Designed Workplace:  Learn how SAP has empowered their employees to create the space they need.  11:45AM – 12:45PM

This Deliberately Inconvenient Furniture Forces You To Be Active And Not Just Lie On The Couch

With shelves that are a little out of reach and a chair that requires balancing, the idea is introduce a "bearable discomfort" to make life...

Kate Lister's insight:

Their solutions include a two legged chair and lights that go off frequently so you have to get up and turn them back on.

Have we really come to this?  What would the ergonomics police have to say about an intentionally uncomfortable chair?

Study: Nobody Is Paying Attention on Your Conference Call - 47% in the Loo

... "Derek, what do you think? Derek.  Derek!"

Oh, that's right. I'm on a conference call.

"Sorry, I was on mute," I say."

Kate Lister's insight:

Okay, the study is a bit sensational but we all do it, right? In spite of the fact that we know it's bad for our psyche, let alone the meeting quality. Other categories of distraction include:

  • Doing other work
  • Sending emails
  • Eating
  • Texting
  • Playing games
  • Shopping
  • Exercising (I kinda respect that)

Once again, this points to the colossal amount of time is wasted in meetings. There's gotta be another way.

New study deepens understanding of causes of poor employee engagement

"Root Inc., the strategy execution consulting company, today announced the results of a survey conducted by Kelton titled “America’s Workforce:  A Revealing Account of What U.S. Employees Really Think About Today’s Workplace.” 

Kate Lister's insight:

We've been reading a lot about poor employee engagement. This study shows the biggest problems lie in:

  • Frustration at work
  • Poor relationship with manager
  • Lack of understanding of strategic direction
  • Risk averse attitude
  • Managers not walking the walk
  • Collaboration difficulties
  • Poor training

It offers some tips for improving engagement.

Are you going to World Workplace in New Orleans next month? If so, be sure to sign up for the WE (Workplace Evolutionaries) Master Class on 9/16.

WE have an exciting lineup of activities planned for World Workplace in New Orleans this year! Read all about it below or Click Here to Download the Full WE Schedule! Click here to learn

Kate Lister's insight:

The WE Master Class is going to be fantastic! Seating is limited so sign up early for:

  • Workplace strategy case studies presented by experts who made it happen at GSA, Motorola, Kaiser Permanente, and more
  • A WE Genius Bar where you can bring your workplace challenges and get solutions
  • A round-up of all the great sessions that took place at the Workplace Strategy Summit (held in the UK this past June)
  • And more ...

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Upcoming Presentations

Personal ROI from the New Workplace—What’s In It For Me?
Webinar in cooperation with
Wednesday, July 23, 2014 from 1pm to 2pm US Eastern Time

The Impact of Work and Place on Wellness, Well-Being & the Bottom Line
Webinar in cooperation with
Thursday, July 24, 2014 at 11am to 12pm US Eastern Time

The Dollars and Sense of Healthy Workplaces
IFMA World Workplace 2014, New Orleans LA
September 17-19, 2014

Personal ROI from the New Workplace—What’s In It For Me?
Agile Workplace Conference 2014 by, Arlington VA
September 23, 2014

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